MaxBlox Whitepapers

I. Is Cloud the Future?

    This whitepaper provides in depth answers to two questions:     1.) What is driving the growth of cloud computing?     2.) What part do PaaS solutions play in the overall growth of cloud?

II. Application Development Sucks!

    This whitepaper explores two important questions regarding application development:     1.) Why does application development suck?     2.) How does PaaS make application development suck a lot less?

III. MaxBlox Technical Whitepaper

    This whitepaper provides you an in depth look at what MaxBlox is and what it is capable of. It gives you information about MaxBlox's architecture, its integrations, and its environments.

IV. MaxBlox API - Developer Reference

    This document describes the MaxBlox SOAP Application Programming Interface (API) and service. It is written for application developers familiar with programming standards such as SOAP, WSDL, and XSD.

V. MaxBlox Security Model

    This document allows readers a peek at MaxBlox's multiple layers of security as well as its different environments.

VI. MaxBlox Mail Manager

    This paper provides information on how MaxBlox's Mail Manager works and how it can be used.

VII. Web Application Framework on SaaS

    This whitepaper provides more information about MaxBlox, its architecture and SaaS, as well as its features and system requirements.

VIII. MaxBlox API - File Upload

    This feature is to upload a document via API and to get a link to access the uploaded document.

More Helpful Papers from Other Sources

I. Salesforce Enterprise Edition by Salesforce

II. SAP Business One, The Answer to the Challenges of SMB Business Management Software Selection by Computer Decisions International, LLC

III. Architectural Strategies for Catching the Long Tail by Frederick Chong and Gianpaolo Carraro (Microsoft Corp.)

IV. Multi-Tenant Data Architecture by Frederick Chong, Gianpaolo Carraro, and Roger Wolter (Microsoft Corp.)

V. QuickBooks and QuickBase Combined: Innovative Integration of Financial Management with Business Process by the Intuit Developer Network

VI. Using SaaS Solutions to Build Small Businesses by Shashank Mehrotra, Director, Strategy and Business Development at Directi and Business Head, BigRock

VII. Is Your SaaS Multi-Tenant? by Basant Singh, Software Engineer and Blogger

VIII. Why Your Company Shouldn't Pass on PaaS to Develop New Apps by Gordon Haff, Red Hatt

IX. Key SaaS Metrics and Benchmarks by OPEXEngine on key financial


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