Develop Software 10x faster

Open-source, No/Low code platform to develop full-stack web apps in weeks. Deploy and scale without managing infrastructure.

Empowering businesses to go-to-market faster

Join our clients in saving thousands of dollars per year on dev expenses.

Stop building apps from scratch

Prebuilt No-code modules

Start by choosing from our catalog of thousands of reusable requirements & modules of code.

On-Demand Talent, 24/7

Hire extra development resources like Expert developers & product managers for last mile features.

Own Your IP — No Lock-In

Build with real code written in ordinary open-source frameworks and owned by you.

Featured use cases

Create end-to-end enterprise-grade applications with sophisticated logic, workflows, security, and integrations all without writing a single line of code.

Integrated CRM & Project Management

Build fully customized CRMs integrated to your business systems, all tailored to elevate your customer experience.

Unified Process Portals

Bring multiple systems together & build seamless user workflows to coordinate tasks in a single process.

Enterprise Insights

Manage your business process metrics and operational reports in one single UI. Seamlessly view & export data.

Build complex applications in weeks

Bring data in, Send data out & Auth users - in a jiffy.


Bring any "Data In" and easily connect the apps you use for work—saving you time, no code required.


Use conditional logic to create truly dynamic workflows with if/then logic that adapts to your team's changing needs.


Send out data requests to your connected apps. MaxBlox supports create, update and delete requests.

Products powered by MaxBlox

From platforms that accelerate business to applications that solve real-world problems, you can leverage MaxBlox to turn your ideas into reality.

Streamlined Customer Relations


Seamless Helpdesk Management

Max FrontDesk

Automated Financial Housekeeping

Ten58 Reports

Smart Sales Commissioning


Data Fusion Engine


Insightful Survey Analytics

Zenfinity Survey 360

Companies of all sizes trust MaxBlox

Open Source with the security, scalability, and extensibility you need.

Protecting your apps and data with industry best practices.

Stop worrying about GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI DSS & ISO 27001. Be compliant from day zero.

Serve millions of users from day zero

MaxBlox runs production-grade apps for many companies and can scale automatically as your app grows in users and complexity.

No limits to what you can do with MaxBlox

If you want functionality that MaxBlox doesn’t natively provide, it’s easy to extend capabilities using custom code.

From simple-complex build applications for any use case

Streamline business operations, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

Sales Management

Unify customer and sales data, build custom sales apps and launch reports with ease.

Custom ERP

Why choose monolithic, off-the-shelf ERP software and then spend years and a fortune in customizations?

Project Management

Complete visibility on spending, tasks, timesheets, and more – all from a single platform.

Customer Portals

Dedicated portals for your customers and business partners to interact with your company's applications and data.

Inventory Processing

Manage the availability of raw materials, work in progress, and finished and MRO goods on a single, searchable cloud-based interface.

Customer Experience

Empower your customers and suppliers with a dedicated self-service portal for timely tracking of quotes, orders, and consigned inventory.

Resource Allocation

Stop sifting through hoards of spreadsheets to find the right resources for your projects.

Enterprise Data Solutions

Collect, unify, analyze, share, and manage data from multiple sources seamlessly.

Join 50+ happy businesses that use MaxBlox

I expect to get a return on investment within twelve months of the end of the project. Our lives are getting a lot easier with this solution. I am very happy with the capabilities and professionalism. I have invited them to help us again with the building out of additional functionality to make us completely automated.

Senior Manager

Mercedes Benz Research and Development - North America

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From simple-complex build applications for any use case like:

  • Sales Management
  • Custom ERP
  • Project Management
  • Customer Portals
  • Inventory Processing
  • Customer Experience
  • Resource Allocation
  • Enterprise Data Solutions

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Open-source, No-code platform to build software products 10x faster.

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