STARTUPs with an amazing idea can get started with their product to persue their dream using MaxBlox.

MaxBlox can help you in building MVP. Building MVP can reduce Startups precious money, time and can rapidly develop minimum possible features of the whole product. MVPs can provide an opportunity to test hypothesis before building a complete product.

Using MaxBlox, you can develop web pages, data object behind the page in just couple of minutes. The built-in security enables the Startups to not to worry about the security issues with in the application and workflows allows them to enable the proper processes. Since MaxBlox built on SaaS, Startups don't have to think about Hardward/Software tools to build their Apps/MVPs. 60 - 80% of the Web Application Development Hassles can be eliminated from day 1 using MaxBlox.

INDEPENDANT SOFTWARE VENDORS(ISVs) can choose MaxBlox to develop web applications for their customers and reduce the time, effort in building apps and also reduce  spending enormous amounts of time in testing the apps. There are lot of risks involved in developing a brand new application. Every 1000 lines of new code in the application potentially can create 15 To 50 new bugs and bringing HUGE RISK to the ISVs during development and after deployment.

MaxBlox is in the market place for so may years and the it is tested multiple times by internal and third party quality team and thus reduces the risk of software development. Plus whole lot of features enables RAPID application development thus improving the quality and saves time and money to ISVs.

ENTERPRISES having different applications from various vendors / windows applications installed at multiple locations can consider their entire pool of applications to a applications developed using MaxBlox. Not only a web enabled applications but also consistent UI among may application can reduce the time taken to learn the new systems.

MAxBlox's APP MARKET PLACE is the first place to look around for your solution. If your application does not exist, you can consider building an application by yourself or get it done by any application developers/MaxBlox Development Partners / MaxBlox Team.

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From simple-complex build applications for any use case like:

  • Sales Management
  • Custom ERP
  • Project Management
  • Customer Portals
  • Inventory Processing
  • Customer Experience
  • Resource Allocation
  • Enterprise Data Solutions


Open-source, No-code platform to build software products 10x faster.

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