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Easily Create or Update Pages Through Import

Unlock the power of Maxblox with our intuitive import feature. In less than 3 minutes, you can effortlessly create new pages or update existing ones. Watch the video to see how simple it is to import your data, map fields, and transform your information into dynamic pages. Maxblox takes care of the heavy lifting, ensuring a seamless process. Whether you're in List View, Datasheet View, Split View, Box View, Category View, or Tree View, our import feature empowers you to work smarter, not harder. Experience the future of page management with Maxblox.

MaxBlox App Deployment Automation

Experience the future of application deployment with MaxBlox's App Deployment Automation. In just a few minutes, witness how you can streamline the entire process, from creating pages to deploying records. Say goodbye to complex setups and hello to efficiency. MaxBlox empowers you to take control of your app deployment effortlessly. Discover the power of simplicity with MaxBlox today.

Automated Edit Mode Transition Capability

Discover the convenience of Maxblox's Auto Edit Mode Switching Ability. This video showcases how effortlessly you can transition between edit modes. Whether it's design, data, or content editing, Maxblox adapts to your needs. Say goodbye to manual toggles and hello to a smoother editing experience. Experience the power of automation with MaxBlox today.

Swiftly Generate Pages from Spreadsheets

Unlock the power of MaxBlox's import feature, witnessing the magic of creating pages and records from spreadsheets in mere seconds. This video showcases the seamless process, empowering you to transform data into dynamic pages with unparalleled speed and ease. Experience the future of efficient page creation with MaxBlox today.

Page Designer

Within a minute, a working page can be created in MaxBlox, that can accept values for data entry as per the fields that you wanted. For example, a Customer page be created in MaxBlox, just by typing in the field names and the relevant details in the Page Designer. You will be able to save customer records in the Customer page as soon as the page is created. Below is a demonstration on the Page Designer:

Report Designer

Report Designer in MaxBlox is a flexible report generator, that can Group, Filter, generate sub-totals and grand-totals while rendering the report apart from basic functionalities like Caption renaming and formatiing of fields. Any of the objects, that you created above, can be used for generating reports. Below is a demonstration.

Widget Designer

Using Widget Designer, meaningful graphical respresentation of data can be made. MaxBlox supports creating widgets from Objects, Reports and Queries. Once they are Below video shows how some of the sample widgets can be created based on the reports that we created above. The samples are "Profit per Product" and "Sales per Product".

Below video shows the creation of "Sales per Year" and "Top 5 Customers".

Dashboard Designer

Dashboards constitutes of various types of widgets that, in turn, can presented to users or to a group of users specific to a role. Since dashboards can be made as a home page for a particular user, it can be designed to give important insights about the data in that account. The following video shows how a dashboard can be created from the existing widgets.

Below video shows the creation of "Sales per Year" and "Top 5 Customers".

Role Setup

Roles defines the menu and page access that a user or a group of users can have. Once a role is created with the appropriate menu and page accesses, attach it to a user. The user will have access to only those menus and pages that is specified as per the role.

Tasks And Alerts

This allows you to setup a Task related to a record in an Object. For example, a task to "Call the Customer" can be setup for a Customer record. This task can then be assigned to a user or a group of users as desired. The below video shows such a setup and more.


Workflow is a common need in most of the organizations. Any approval-rejection process can be configured in MaxBlox based on users, their titles or even on the roles in your organization hierarchy. The triggerring factors also can be customized to a granular level. The below video demonstrates a simple notification ability using workflows, that updates a field in the originating record when approved.

Record Level Security

MaxBlox has the ability to control the record level access based on any business entity, called as Business Units. For example, Records in the customer page can be made accessible based on the Reporting structure in your organization. In some cases, the security structure will be based on the territory at the user is in. This also is feasible in MaxBlox using "Business Unit" setup, as demonstrated in the video below.

How to attach notes and documents to records in MaxBlox?

Discover how MaxBlox streamlines record management with its user-friendly feature for attaching notes and documents. In this demonstration, we'll show you just how convenient it is to enhance your record-keeping process. Maximize efficiency and organization with ease using MaxBlox.

How to change menu layout in MaxBlox?

Explore the flexibility of MaxBlox as we showcase how effortlessly you can transform your application's menu layout. With MaxBlox's user-friendly web application framework, transitioning between vertical and horizontal menu layouts has never been smoother. Enhance the user experience and adapt your UI elements seamlessly with MaxBlox.

Page Views in MaxBlox

Dive into the world of MaxBlox and discover its array of page views, including List View, Tree View, Category/Group View, Datasheet View, and Box View. In this video, we showcase the versatility and richness of MaxBlox's interface options. Tailor your user experience to perfection with these diverse page views, making MaxBlox your ideal platform for dynamic content presentation.


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