Top Benefits Of Using Low Code Application Development Platform

In this fast-paced world, the two common biggest application development challenges you will face in business will either be need for speed or talent gap.

As technology plays an increasingly important part of business, speed becomes essential. Businesses demand new solutions faster than ever. The problem with this is, IT departments are burdened with development requests which creates a development bottleneck. As new technologies emerge, the talent gap widens. Business leaders demand new technologies, but the IT department doesn’t have the skills to meet those demands or the time to keep developing. Sometimes, in worst cases, the company cannot afford to bring on new talented people because of the demand for high salary. These challenges lead to IT departments that can’t meet business demands. When IT can’t meet their needs, the business starts seeking out their own solutions. This problem is known as ‘Shadow IT’ and is growing rapidly in companies across the globe. So, what’s the solution for these problems? The answer is “low code app development”. But, what is it? As defined by Forrester Research, “A low-code platform is one that enables fast application development and delivery with a minimum of hand coding.”

Many businesses are moving to low code platforms to accelerate development, to keep pace with trending technologies, and also to offload some development tasks to business users. These platforms can be used by users who don’t have any experience in development. It’s no secret that low-code development platforms are shaping the landscape of businesses around the world. Here are some of the benefits of using a low code application development platform for your business:

1. Development Speed

Speed is the biggest and most important benefit of the low-code development platform. Developers can create new applications within hours or days rather than taking weeks or months. Some simple development tasks like report generation can be done by business users on their own rather than waiting for IT professionals to do. For a development professional, low-code application development is much easier as there will be very few bugs to fix. For a beginner, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping the modules they need to create the application.

2. Improves IT Productivity

Generally speaking, development projects go through the IT department. They also handle reporting, company network, hardware, and much more. As a result, they’re stuck with tons of workload. The IT department cannot spend their resources on completing development projects and, in most cases, businesses cannot afford to hire new staff. A low code development platform not only improves the development speed, it also helps IT people offload some of their work to business people. This platform lets the business users create their own basic application without a need for a single code. As a result, without expanding the IT team, they get hours or days every week to concentrate on more critical tasks., which leads to increase in productivity.

3. Reduces Shadow IT

As mentioned above, Shadow IT is a growing problem all over the globe. When business users don’t get the solutions, they need from the IT department, they search for their own solutions.

Business users need a solution which will solve their problems without compromising their security. That’s where low-code development platforms come into play. They give users the ability to create their own solutions while letting IT control the data and user access. These third-party solutions whom the business users rely on should keep their data all secure. A good low-code application development platform can help reduce the amount of data put at risk.

4. Keeps You Current with New Trends

App development has evolved drastically with new languages and frameworks. Mobile devices have fundamentally changed application development. The developer must have numerous skills and also stay ahead of the ever-changing tech trends. But this is not an easy task. In many cases, the development team is already overworked. They have a long list of projects that they need to handle within a short period of time, and often, they no longer have time to keep current with the latest trends. Low-code development platforms offer a simple solution. They bridge the gap between the developers and new trends. Low code tools let developers build for all platforms, without the need to learn about mobile development.

5. Saves MoneyLow

code app development saves you a significant amount of money. Talented developers are in short supply and they also demand a premium salary. Sometimes, their talents are wasted on many projects, and a regular business user can do the same thing, as long as they have the tools to enable them. A low-code platform is just the tool that can do that.

6. Makes Maintenance Easier

With traditional applications, maintenance and upgrading take ages. Developers have to manually fix bugs and add new features. With a low code application development, there will only be a few bugs which are very easy to deal with. The modules that are available on low-code platforms are pre-tested, any new features can be added without worrying about compatibility making it much easier for maintenance.

7. Reduces Project Failure

In conventional application development projects, developers use a “waterfall” approach in which developers gather requirements from the users and then built the entire application to fit those requirements.

With this method, the two most important problems are speed and communication gap. During the development time, there is usually very little or no communication between the developers and users. Finally, what happens is that the finished application, which took months to complete, won’t meet the customer's requirement ultimately leading to project failure. This may happen if the user is not clearly communicating their requirements, or if the developers misunderstood the user’s requirement. Low-code tools help to avoid all these problems, as they help developers create applications much faster. A developer can easily and quickly mock up an application to get the user's feedback before dedicating time to develop.

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