Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Low Code App Development Software

Low-Code application development platforms are changing the way software applications get built. There was a time when enterprise applications followed the traditional software development lifecycle which took several months or even years. In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses are demanding new applications be built & delivered in a matter of weeks for which traditional software development methods cannot be used.

Many of the companies outsource app development processes and later on find it expensive, inflexible, and time-consuming.

MaxBlox is a complete application development platform. We’ve seen many organizations use our software to successfully build world-class enterprise software from the simplest form apps to the most complex transactional workflow applications. Our customers have achieved over 10x development speed increases in their enterprise mobile app projects when compared to outsourcing projects or building them in-house with technologies.

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should use low-code app development software: 

1. No More Outsourcing

The number one reason why enterprises outsource software development projects to external organizations is due to lack of skills, time, and cost of getting things done internally. This is a time consuming and expensive work. With low-code platforms, enterprises can leverage internal IT teams, business users, and citizen developers to precisely build what they need with minimum technical know-how. It’s easier than you may think. Modern low-code platforms provide extremely easy to use drag-n-drop based tools for beginners as well experienced users.

2. Time-to-Market

One of the biggest benefits of application development platforms is the speed at which a complex app can be built, tested, and rolled into production. Traditionally, enterprise mobile app projects take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to build. With low code app development software, the development time can be taken down to weeks and even days.

3. Change Management

Many times, you could have experienced business requirements changing midway in a project. Making modifications to your application or enhancing specific functionality does not have to be a bottle-neck anymore, with the help of low-code platforms. IT teams and business users can easily and quickly do it themselves.

One of the main advantages of low code app development software is that there is no need to depend on external agencies for technical support. The low code app development platform is easy to use - drag and drop options are available, which consumes a lot less time and requires minimal technical knowledge. It is also affordable.

4. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduction in development efforts and time ultimately results in lower cost of ownership. Low code app development platforms cut down the money spent on outsourcing and also reduces app development time. Thus, there is a significant reduction in the overall expenses.

5. Lower Risk and Higher ROI

With a low-code platform, all the security, cross-platform support, and data integration capabilities have already been built. They can be customized easily. Hence, developers and others can focus on solving other business problems. The risk of catastrophic failures drops significantly. MaxBlox is committed to taking all steps necessary to provide a safe and secure environment.


You should definitely give MaxBlox a test drive and see if it meets your business needs. MaxBlox is a new-age low-code application development platform which scores generously against its competition in terms of ease of use, time to market, and cost of acquisition.


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