MaxBlox Features

Feature Description
Responsive MaxBlox works on top of Bootstrap framework that behaves seamlessy similar on all handheld devices.
MetaData The entire system is object-oriented and all application components have metadata definitions. Application behavior can be changed just by changing the metadata.
Security MaxBlox follows all standard web security protocols. In addition the system allows the ability to specify user level security access to various objects such as pages and reports.
Multi-tenant MaxBlox has the ability to use a single code base but multiple company files within a single database to get operational efficiencies.
API Support All objects created within MaxBlox will have direct API support out-of-the-box. These objects can be direclty consumed in the child applications, whevener necessary.
Table Objects Tables are available as objects and can be defined directly using screens and dynamically implemented. They will consist of field objects.
Page Objects Pages can be designed dynamically using screens and based on Table objects. Pages can have standard functions such as Lists, Add/Edit/Delete, Next/Previous, Save, etc.
Menu Objects Menus can be defined using screens and associated with user and security.
Report Objects Reports can be dynamically created using screens and rendered. Reports can be based on Tables or Queries.
Query Objects Queries can be created to access the tables and can be executed dynamically.
Workflow Workflow rules can be set up. They can be triggered and used by changes to table records.
Logging All data changes can be logged for audit purposes.
Internationalization Locales can be defined and data formats can conform to the locale.
Navigation Navigation functions can be designed to provide easy access to the objects in the application.
Widgets MaxBlox Supports Doughnut Percent Chart,Fluid Gauge,Bar Line Chart, Stacked Bar, Thermometer Bar,Info Box
Dashboards Dashboards presenting meaningful data in chart form can be created based on tables and queries.
Single sign-on Allows to register and login using Google Account, Facebook, and LinkedIn credentials.
Icons MaxBlox Now supports FontAwesome icons
Horizontal Menu Ability to switch between horizonntal and vertical menu system
Help Help can be customized for user created objects.